Offline vs. Production / On-Premises Operations

DigiScope® supports Offline and Production operations.

Offline operations consists of actions on datasets that are static and have been archived or moved to backup storage, such as disk and tape.  To view search or restore from offline databases, DigiScope® must first mount the raw Exchange Database (EDB) files or the Outlook PST files.

NOTE: To open 64-bit Offline Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016 databases, you must install DigiScope® on a 64-bit operating system.

NOTE: Before attempting to Restore or Export data, review the DigiScope® Options Configuration Dialog to ensure that the options for the desired results are set.

NOTE:  If you are making use of archive mailboxes in Exchange 2010 or higher, you will be able to see those mailboxes identified in the Production tree in DigiScope®.

Unfortunately for offline sources, DigiScope® is not able to distinguish archive mailboxes from regular mailboxes.  If you are using a separate database for your archive mailboxes, you will need a separate license for that database if you wish to interact with your archive mailboxes.


Production / On-Premises operations consists of actions on data that is located within an Online / Production Exchange server. To access a Production Exchange Server you must first setup the DigiScope Administrator account (DSAdmin)

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