The Tool Buttons

DigiScope® offers the following shortcut buttons in the tool strips of the Offline and Production panels:





The Add button opens the File Wizard, which contains step-by-step instructions for adding sources to the Offline or Production panels.

Reading Pane

The Reading Pane button shows or hides the reading pane in the bottom or right side of the Offline or Production panels.  The reading pane displays an email message without having to open a new window.

Auto Preview

The Auto Preview button causes DigiScope to display short extracts of each mail item listed in the Offline or Production panels.  This lets you preview the contents of each item without having to open the item or use the Reading Pane.


The Find button opens a search window allowing the user to designate specific search parameters to query the selected databases.


The Licensing menu button provides quick access to following licensing actions:

  • Request License : If you do not have a license, or require a different license from the current one, this will run the License Request Wizard, from which you may acquire and install a new license.

  • Install License : If you have manually acquired a license (i.e. did not use the "Automatic" method of requesting a license), this will allow you to install that license.  (See Installing a License.)

  • Revoke License : If you need to remove the license from this installation of DigiScope (perhaps as a prelude to assigning that license to another machine), this will run the License Revocation Wizard.


The Purchase button provides quick access to your Lucid8 customer account, through which you can purchase a new license for DigiScope.

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