Viewing Options

The following section explains how the console can be viewed and how to view attachments in an email item.

To view individual panes

You can arrange the console presentation (or view) to present either the Production tree, the Offline tree, or both simultaneously.

  1. Click View.

  2. Select Offline or Production.

  3. Select Hide or Show. Selecting Hide will clear the desired pane from view and show only the opposite pane; selecting Show displays the desired panel.

To change other viewing options

You can change the following viewing options by clicking View and selecting the desired panel (Offline or Production):

Change fields/columns shown with the item view

The default fields/columns displayed within the item view are From, To, Subject,& Received. There are numerous fields/columns available and you can modify the view by;

  1. Changing the order of the fields by taking the following actions:
    1. Hovering the pointer over the desired field
    2. Click and hold the left mouse button
    3. Drag the field to the desired location
    4. Release the left mouse button

Default Order

Changing Order

Order Changed

  1. Change the Columns/Fields displayed by taking the following actions:
    1.  Right-click on any of the columns/fields and select Columns

    1. The Column Selection dialog appears

    1. Select the columns you want displayed and click OK
    2. The additional columns/fields are exposed

To view attachments

There are multiple ways to view attachments:

  1. Hover over the attachment paper clip and the attachment name and type will appear.

    1. Move the cursor over the attachment name / type and a preview will be shown in most cases.

      NOTE: Some file types can not be previewed in this fashion.

  2. You may also right-click the mailbox item containing the attachment.

  3. Click Attachments > View. The Attachments dialog appears and shows the attached items.

  4. Open the files, or Save to a new location.

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