Rights Required to Install & Operate DigiScope

NOTE: If you require assistance with locating required Exchange or Outlook DLL's, Installation, Configuration or other actions please check out the Lucid8 Knowledge Base for DigiScope.  If you cannot find the answer Open a New Support Ticket and our team will be happy to assist via email, phone or remote desktop assistance

NOTE: While DigiScope can be installed directly on the Exchange server it is OPTIONAL to do so, i.e. you can install DigiScope on any machine that meets the system requirements

INSTALLATION: Before installing DigiScope®, ensure that the user account used to install DigiScope® has Local Administrator rights.

OPERATION AGAINST AN OFFLINE EXCHANGE DATABASE: The only rights required to access an offline Database/EDB is to have the database on a read/write disk and its best if the Database/EDB is on a local disk.

OPERATION AGAINST A PRODUCTION EXCHANGE SERVER: Before attempting to restore or connect to a production Exchange server database / mailbox you must grant specific rights to the operator. The rights required will differ depending upon the version of Exchange you are connecting to. For more information, please see the Rights Required for Online Database & Mailbox Access section of this documentation.


  1. Do not have Microsoft Outlook open during DigiScope® operation.

    NOTE: Microsoft does not completely support concurrent MAPI sessions between Microsoft Outlook and other products running on the same machine with the same user session. While both products may be installed on the same machine without issue, we highly recommend that you DO NOT attempt running DigiScope® and Outlook at the same time within the same user session.

  2. If you attempt to restore to a server with insufficient rights the Microsoft MAPI provider may re-prompt you for correct credentials until you provide credentials that have full Exchange Administrator rights for the target server.

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