Supported Exchange Versions

NOTE: If you require assistance with locating required Exchange or Outlook DLL's, Installation, Configuration or other actions please check out the Lucid8 Knowledge Base for DigiScope.  If you cannot find the answer Open a New Support Ticket and our team will be happy to assist via email, phone or remote desktop assistance

NOTE: While DigiScope can be installed directly on the Exchange server it is OPTIONAL to do so, i.e. you can install DigiScope on any machine that meets the system requirements

DigiScope® supports the following Microsoft Exchange versions:

NOTE: As part of its installation, DigiScope® includes sample databases which are placed in the \Program Files\Lucid8\DigiScope\Demo directory.  Obtaining a 30-day DEMO license provides access to all DigiScope® features for all sample databases.  For more information about the DEMO license, please see the Available License Types section of this documentation.

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