Request Perpetual Licensing

WARNING: Once a license is assigned to a database, it is non-transferable.  So before licensing any Offline or Production databases, we highly recommend requesting a DEMO license to test accessing the Exchange databases to ensure the desired messaging information can be accessed.

STOP AND READ THIS IMPORTANT INFORMATION: DigiScope identifies databases by markers that are unique to each database and will not change.  One of these markers is the database's Globally Unique Identifier (GUID).

However there is one case where the database's GUID will change: if you mount the database within an Exchange Recovery Storage Group (RSG) or as an Exchange Recovery Database (RDB).  When you do this, Exchange assigns a new GUID to the recovered database to ensure it does not clash with a live production copy of the same database.  When this change occurs, DigiScope sees the database as a new database and will require an additional license for it.

You may use RSGs or RDBs within Exchange to recover databases to disk, but, to avoid this issue, be sure to configure the recovery job not to mount the database upon completion.  Only use DigiScope to mount the recovered database.

NOTE: If you are running DigiScope® on a system with no internet access, you will need to perform your license request manually via Web License Portal. Please refer to Request Full Product License Manually via Web License Portal for help on manually requesting a full license.

NOTE:  In order to request a license for specific databases, you must have first obtained a DEMO license and added those databases to the DigiScope® Offline or Production tree.  For information on how to add databases, please see:
   Adding and Removing an Offline Source
   Adding and Removing a Production Source

  1. After following the instructions within Request Full Product License via Automated Online License Service, the Orders Available for Licensing dialog is displayed. To only see available orders for Perpetual licenses, select Perpetual from the License Type drop down menu.

  2. Choose the order that you wish use by checking it, then click the Next > button to continue.

    NOTE: You can filter the results further, select the appropriate option from the Show section of the dialog.

  3. Next, the Perpetual License Store/Database Selection page is displayed. Check the stores/databases that you wish to request the Specific - Perpetual license for, then click the Next > button to continue.

  4. Next, the Confirm Licensing dialog is displayed and asks you to confirm that the stores/databases you selected  are the stores/databases you wish to request the Perpetual license for.

  5. Check the I understand that once a store/database has been licensed... to confirm that these are the stores/databases you wish to license and click the License Selected  button to continue.

    NOTE: Once the Perpetual license is generated, it cannot be transferred to an alternate database.  So be 100% sure that the databases you have selected are the correct databases you wish to license.

    However if you are upgrading your Exchange Server to a newer version, say 2013 or 2016, then once your migration to the newer version of Exchange is done, you can execute a one-time license swap as long as your maintenance is active.  For more information please refer to our online documentation regarding this special one-time transfer.

    Note that this policy only applies to customers that have purchased DigiScope® Specific-Perpetual licenses with unexpired and paid-for maintenance agreements. DigiScope® Project-Based licenses are not transferable under any circumstances.

  6. After confirming the stores/databases you wish to request the Perpetual license for, the License Request Wizard will process your request and apply your Perpetual license for the stores/databases you selected.

  7. If your Specific - Perpetual license has been successfully applied, you should see the following dialog. Click the OK button to be taken to the end of the License Request Wizard.

  8. You have reached the end of the License Request Wizard. Click the Finish button to end the License Request Wizard.

    NOTE: Since Project Based and Perpetual licenses are tied to the unique markers of a database, once you license a database you can load DigiScope on as many machines as desired and repeatedly apply the license by using GET Previously Generated or Updated Maintenance License.

    NOTE:To see what licenses, if any, are currently applied to a DigiScope installation, please see Verifying License Details. If the license information is blank or the DEMO license is expired, then continue with the 30-Day DEMO License Request process.

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