Request Universal Licensing

NOTE: If you are running DigiScope® on a system with no internet access, you will need to perform your license request manually via Web License Portal. Please refer to Request Full Product License Manually via Web License Portal for help on manually requesting a full license.

NOTE: The Universal license allows organizations to use DigiScope® on a single machine for one (1) year without any limitations in regard to the number of Offline or Production Databases / Information Stores opened.

NOTE: To open 64-bit Offline Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016 databases, you must install DigiScope® on a 64-bit operating system.

  1. After following the instructions within Request Full Product License via Automated Online License Service , the Get Previously Generated or Updated Maintenance Licensing page is displayed. To only see available orders for Universal licenses, select Universal from the License Type drop down menu. Choose the order that you wish to request a Universal license for by checking it, then click the Next > button to continue.

    NOTE: You can filter the results further, select the appropriate option from the Show section of the dialog.

  2. After selecting the order you wish to request the Universal license for, the License Request Wizard will process your request and apply your Universal license for the order you selected.

  3. If your Universal license has been successfully applied, you should see the following dialog. Click the OK button to be taken to the end of the License Request Wizard.

  4. You have reached the end of the License Request Wizard. Click the Finish button to end the License Request Wizard.

    NOTE:To see what licenses, if any, are currently applied to a DigiScope installation, please see Verifying License Details. If the license information is blank or the DEMO license is expired, then continue with the 30-Day DEMO License Request process.

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