Request Universal Licensing

NOTE: If you are running DigiScope® on a system with internet access, it is recommended that you use the Online Licensing Service to request your license automatically. Please refer to Request Full Product License via Automated Online License Service for help on automatically requesting a Full Product license.

NOTE: The Universal license allows organizations to use DigiScope® on a single machine for one (1) year without any limitations in regard to the number of Offline or Production Databases / Information Stores opened.

NOTE: To open 64-bit Offline Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016 databases, you must install DigiScope® on a 64-bit operating system.

  1. After following the instructions within Request Full Product License Manually via Web License Portal , the On-Demand Licensing page is displayed. Check the Request Manually option, then select the Universal option from the drop down. Next, check the Save a copy of your license information in DSLR format... box. Now, click the Next > button to continue.

    NOTE: You may also optionally check the Print out a copy of your license information for record keeping purposes option. This option will prompt you to print a copy of your license request information so you may keep a record of the request.

  2. You will now prompted for a location to save the DSLR file. Save the DSLR file somewhere it can later be uploaded to the license portal.

    NOTE: If you are attempting to license a system with no internet access, you will need to take your generated DSLR file and transfer it to an internet capable machine via removable media or an accessible network drive. Once the generated request file has been transferred, you can then follow the steps below to upload the request and generate a license. Once the license has been generated, you can then transfer it back to the secure machine and install it.

  3. Once the DSLR file is saved, the License Request Wizard will notify you. Click the OK button and the License Request Wizard will open the license portal in your default web browser.

  4. You have reached the end of the License Request Wizard. Click the Finish button to end the License Request Wizard.

  5. The license portal login page should now be displayed in your web browser however if not please open Enter the email address you used to register to download DigiScope® and use the password you received after registering, then click the Login Now button.

    NOTE: Don't remember your password? No problem! You can Reset Your Password on the fly. If for some reason you have not yet registered please visit the Lucid8 Registration Center.

  6. Once you login successfully, you shall be taken to the license portal page. Select the Universal License tab and simply follow the instructions listed on the page starting with step 3.

Continue to Installing a License if you have not already installed the license generated from the Web Licensing Portal

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