Request via Lucid8 Online License Service

NOTE: This section of documentation is only valid when utilizing the Rapid Setup Wizard. If you have already installed DigiScope® and skipped the Rapid Setup Wizard or chose not to request a demo license from the Rapid Setup Wizard, see Requesting a DEMO License.

Requesting a Demo License via Lucid8 online license service is the fastest way to get your DigiScope® installation licensed for operation.

  1. After selecting I need a demo license and Request via Lucid8 Online License Service (Recommended), click the Next> button.

  2. The Lucid8 License Service Logon page is displayed. Enter the authentication credentials received post registration

  3. Read the DigiScope End-User License Agreement and if you agree to the terms check the I have read the License Agreement and accept the terms defined therein box.

  4. After accepting the license agreement, click the Next> button to proceed.

    NOTE: Don't remember your password? No problem! You can Reset Your Password on the fly. If for some reason you have not yet registered please visit the Lucid8 Registration Center.

  5. If the credentials are correct and there are no connection issues, then the Rapid Setup Wizard will process your request and apply your 30-day Demo License.

  6. Once the 30-day Demo License has been successfully applied, you should see the following dialog. Click the OK button to be taken to the end of the Rapid Setup Wizard.

  7. At the end of the Rapid Setup Wizard, you have the option to launch DigiScope® when you finish the Rapid Setup Wizard. Click the Finish button to end the Rapid Setup Wizard.

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