Revoke / Transfer Machine Locked License

DigiScope® supports the ability to revoke Universal Licenses that are locked to specific machines.  Once a Universal license is revoked it can be reissued to a new machine as long as the license term or maintenance agreement has not expired.

NOTE: Only Universal licenses that are not expired and/or have valid maintenance agreements in place shall be reissued for the remaining term of the license.

To Revoke a Machine Locked License
  1. Click Tools > Licensing > Revoke.


  2. Next, the License Revoke Wizard dialog is displayed. Click the Next > button to continue.


  3. Next, the User Information page is displayed. If available, the user and company information are automatically populated, otherwise you must enter the information manually. Please verify the information is correct (required fields are bold, incomplete fields are red) and then click the Next > button to continue.

    NOTE: This information will be used to validate the license revocation, therefore please ensure that all the information is correct.


  4. Next, the Machine Information page is displayed. Confirm the information and note that it will be sent to Lucid8 to process the license revocation. After verifying the machine information, check the Yes, this is the correct machine box and click the Next > button to continue.


  5. Next, the License Selection page is displayed. Check the license that you wish to revoke and click the Next > button to continue.


  6. Next, the License Revocation Verification page is displayed. To continue with your license revocation, you must enter the captcha as it is displayed. Then you can click the Next > button to continue.


  7. Next, the Transmission Method page is displayed. There are three ways you can submit your license revocation for processing:

    1. Revoke using Lucid8's Online Licensing Service (Recommended)

      1. Check the Revoke using Lucid8's Online Licensing Service (Recommended) option and enter the email address you used to register to download DigiScope® and use the password you received after registering. Then, click the Next > button to continue.

        NOTE: Don't remember your password? No problem! You can Reset Your Password on the fly. If for some reason you have not yet registered please visit the Lucid8 Registration Center.


      2. If the entered credentials are correct and there are no connection issues, then the License Revocation Wizard will attempt to log you into the Online Licensing Service.


    2. Revoke Manually via Email

      1. Check the Revoke Manually option and check the Send Email box. Then, click the Next > button to continue.

        NOTE: If you are running DigiScope® on a system with no internet access, you should check the Save a copy of your License Revocation... option so that you can manually attach it to an email to send to


  8. Next, you will be prompted to confirm that you wish to revoke the selected license. If you are certain you wish to revoke this license click the Yes button to continue.


  9. Next, you will receive another prompt before your license revocation is submitted. This will be your last chance to cancel the license revocation. Click the OK button to continue.


  10. The License Revocation Wizard will now process your license revocation using the transmission method you selected.


  11. If your license revocation has been successfully processed, you should see the following dialog. Click the OK button to be taken to the end of the License Revocation Wizard.


  12. You have reached the end of the License Revocation Wizard. Click the Finish button to end the License Revocation Wizard.


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