Send License Request via Email

NOTE: This section of documentation is only valid when utilizing the Rapid Setup Wizard. If you have already installed DigiScope® and skipped the Rapid Setup Wizard or chose not to request a demo license from the Rapid Setup Wizard, see Requesting a DEMO License.

Requesting a Demo License via email is the slowest way to get your DigiScope® installation licensed and ready to use.

NOTE: All license requests sent via email will be processed between 8am and 6pm (Pacific Standard Time), Monday through Friday, excluding public holidays. Therefore, if possible, we highly recommend that you make all Demo Licenses requests via the Lucid8 Online License Service.

  1. After selecting I need a demo license and Send License Request via Email (Manually Processed 8am to 6pm PST, M-F), click the Next> button.

  2. The Rapid Setup Wizard will now attempt to email your request to Lucid8 for processing.

  3. If no issues were encountered  the request the Rapid Setup Wizard will complete and you have the option to launch DigiScope®. Click the Finish button to end the Rapid Setup Wizard.

    NOTE: If DigiScope® cannot establish a proper SMTP connection, the attempt to send the email will fail and therefore you will have to manually send the license request file to or use the Lucid8 Web Licensing Portal which is available 24x7x365.

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