Deduplicate Production Storage

This option is only available for Production Storage Targets, i.e. Mailboxes/folders within Exchange Servers and PST files located within the Production pane of DigiScope.  To utilize the function;

  1. Right click on the desired Database, Mailbox or Folder and select deduplicate.

  1. The Deduplication Option dialog appears.


  1. Set the options as desired
    1. Action for duplicates:  You can choose to;
      1. DELETE Items and you MAY be able recover the items post deletion, however there is no guarantee.
      2. PURGE Items and you will NOT be able to recover the items post purge (unless you have litigation hold enabled).
    2. Export To: Before Items are Deleted/Purged you can choose to Export a copy to PST.
      1. We highly recommend that you use the Export to PST option since it allows you a rollback method if desired.  Once you validate the results you can easily delete the PST file.
    3. Ignore Modification Time: During deduplication DigiScope examines the values of the "Search Key" and the "Modified" columns to determine if there are duplicates present. If you end up with matching "Search Key" value, yet the modified time is different DigiScope will not see the items as being duplicate. This can occur if an end user opens and saves one of the messages between restorations or if alternate restore methods are used. If you enable the Ignore Modification Time option, DigiScope will ONLY compare the values of the "Search Key" column & remove duplicates.
    4. Deduplication Scope:  Allows you to only Include OR Exclude specific folders/subfolders from the Delete/Purge actions.


  1. Click OK to execute the deduplication
    1. If you elected to Export items before the deletion/purging of items you will be presented with the Export to PST options
  2. The process is run and the results dialog appears



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