Deleting or Purging Data from Production Sources

One question that seems to come up a lot is "How can I delete a single message or set of messages from all mailboxes?" Deleting hundreds or thousands of specific unwanted messages from hundreds of mailboxes found on many Exchange servers is sure to give a good headache to any system administrator. This question gets asked for many reasons, however the most common ones that we hear time and again are:

Luckily you can utilize the power of DigiScope® to Delete or Purge these messages all with incredible speed (and they do not need to be email messages. In fact you can use DigiScope® to Delete or Purge any kind of object found inside your mailbox folders).

NOTE: You may use DigiScope® to Delete or Purge folders, however, you may not Delete or Purge native / root level mailbox folders, i.e. Inbox, Sent, Calendars or other native folders.

NOTE: The Delete and Purge data options are very powerful features and therefore great care and consideration should be taken BEFORE executing either function in a Production environment. Test it out thoroughly before using on "live" mailboxes and always do a backup of your data before using Delete Data or Purge Data options.

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