An Exact Match or Possible Target Matches are found

The Restore Wizard queries Active Directory (AD) to determine whether or not there is a GUID match between Offline source mailboxes and Production mailboxes.  If there are any exact GUID matches or possible name matches between an Offline source and Production target mailbox, DigiScope┬« will provide the additional data restoration options as outlined below.

Exact Mailbox GUID Match

If the DigiScope® Restore Wizard finds any exact mailbox GUID matches, the Exact Mailbox Matches page will be displayed.


Possible Name Match(es)

If DigiScope┬« finds one or more possible matches by name between the Offline source and a Production account, either the Mailbox With a Single Match page or the Mailbox With Multiple Matches page will be displayed.  The steps you will need to follow for these two pages are largely the same.

  1. Select the data-handling mode for the restoration:

    • Merge into Target - This will restore the items from the source mailbox directly into the target location.

    • Extend (Create subfolder "Mailbox-UserName") - This will make a new subfolder in the target, named "Mailbox-{UserName}" (where "{UserName}" will be the name of the source mailbox), and restore all of the items to there.

    • Extend (Create custom named subfolder) - This allows you to specify the name of the subfolder you wish to have created in the target location.  All of the items will be restored to this custom subfolder.

      The custom name option supports the use of special placeholders, as detailed here.

  2. Review the found match(es).

    1. If the list is titled "Multiple Matches", then under the Possible Matches column, select the particular mailbox that you wish to restore to.

NOTE: The page will only run in "Multiple Matches" mode if multiple mailboxes were found with almost identical names.

    1. Decide:

      • If you would like the Restore Wizard to restore to the found matching accounts, click the Next > button to continue to Finishing The Restore Wizard.

      • If you would rather manually configure your restore options, check the Manual option.  Then, click the Next > button to continue to Manual Restore Configuration.

NOTE:  If the matching account doesn't already have a mailbox, the Restore Wizard will have to create a mailbox for it.  If the Restore Wizard does not have enough information to do this automatically, it will force the Manual option and you will have to follow the steps for Manual Restore Configuration.

The Mailbox Status column will display the current status of the account's mailbox.

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