Exporting Selected Items to Message (MSG) File

NOTE: Before attempting to Restore or Export data, review the DigiScope® Options Configuration Dialog to ensure that the options for the desired results are set.

  1. After Adding and Mounting the desired Offline source or Adding and Connecting to the desired Production source, navigate to and select the desired mailbox, folder, or items to be exported to Message (MSG) File. Then, click the File > Export Selected Items to > MSG File... menu option.

  2. Next, the Export MSG Collection dialog is displayed. The Export MSG Collection dialog provides you with many different options to customize your exported Message (MSG) files. Once you have selected the desired options for your Message (MSG) file export, click the Export button to start the Export process.

    NOTE: Click any area in the images below for a functionality description of that area.


  3. Next, the following dialog is shown where you can follow the progress while DigiScope® performs the export.

(Optional)  Click Pause to temporarily suspend the export operation.  (This can useful if, for example, the operation is causing an unexpected burden on the target Exchange server and you would like to finish the operation during office downtime.)  When you are ready for the export operation to complete, click the Continue button.

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