Search Management

After creating a custom search and applying the desired filtering you may Save, Reload, or Manage these searches when needed.

Saving Searches

To re-use a Search at a later time take the following actions:

  1. Define the Search, apply the desired filters and test until the Search is perfected.

  2. Click File > Save As, the Enter Search Name dialog appears.

  3. Enter the desired name, click OK and the Search is saved.

Loading Searches

To load a previously saved Search:

  1. Click File > Load Search. The Saved Search drop-down appears as shown below.

  2. Select the desired saved Search.

  3. The Search criteria is loaded into the Advanced Search dialog.

  4. You may now modify or execute the Search criteria.

    NOTE: If you modify a previously saved Search and want to update it, be sure to click File > Save to update the existing Search. If you want to save the Search as a new search click File > Save As....

Managing Searches

If you desire to Rename or Delete a previously saved Search take the following actions:

  1. Click File > Manage Searches. The Manage Searches dialog appears as shown below.

  2. Select Rename to adjust the name of a search or Delete to remove the search from the list.

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