eDiscovery and Recovery for Microsoft Exchange

Welcome to the DigiScope® help file.

Whether your email data is stored within an offline Exchange database, on-premises Exchange Server, Exchange Online/Office365  or within an backup/snapshot or PST file, DigiScope® is designed to help you recover lost, deleted or inaccessible e-mail messages and their attachments, restore archive data to your production environment and search for e-mail using specific search parameters using an intuitive graphical user interface – with no need for a dedicated recovery server.

Find and retrieve message-level data in minutes using a single console to browse directly to the specific mailbox, folder or search 200+ fields including sender, recipient, date, attachment type, subject, message keyword or attachment keyword and data within attachments. After the search, DigiScope can export the data in a variety of formats to facilitate email discovery obligations for portability, legal inquiries or internal investigations.

NOTE: There are 32-bit and a 64-bit versions of DigiScope. Lucid8 highly recommends using the 64-bit installation.  Only use the 32-bit version if you need to open an offline .EDB for  Exchange  5.5, 2000 or 2003 database.


DigiScope® can search, extract and restore mailboxes, folders and individual email related items from:

  1. Unmounted or offline Microsoft Exchange server database snapshots

  2. Supported 3rd party backup or storage solutions such as:

    1. Windows Backup Files (.bkf files generated with NTBackup)

    2. VMware Images (.vmdk files)

  3. Personal Storage (PST) Files

  4. Production Exchange servers

Additional subjects for review:

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