Why Do I Need DigiScope®?

With email serving as the virtual "filing system" in many corporate environments, the need to discover and recover historical, corrupted or deleted email items and their attachments has increased enormously. Whether required for compliance, legal proceedings, corporate intelligence, or end user support, the necessity of these capabilities has mushroomed.

Brick / Mailbox Backup

DigiScope® eliminates the need to do brick-level backups of individual mailboxes because with DigiScope® mailboxes, emails, appointments, tasks, notes and other messaging items can be restored directly from a standard Exchange database (EDB) backup. An additional benefit is the reduction of space, cost, and time associated with performing brick-level backups.

Mailbox, Folder and Item Level Recovery

Issue: The traditional brick-level / mailbox backup or restoring full database backups into an Exchange recovery infrastructure or recovery storage group (RSG) quickly becomes cumbersome, time consuming, expensive and ineffective.

Resolution: DigiScope® slashes item level restore time by providing a quicker, more cost-effective, and more efficient method to browse, search and then retrieve historic, corrupted, deleted, and archived data DIRECTLY from any previous backup, snapshot or unmounted / offline Exchange database, without the need for Exchange recovery infrastructures, Recovery Storage Groups, or Brick-Level / Mailbox-Level / Item-Level backups.


Issue: Corporate counsel, legal and forensic, human resources, IT administrators and other professionals tasked with discovery proceedings have to work together to rapidly search, de-duplicate and export evidence from multiple Exchange database backups, Personal Storage (PST) files and live production Exchange servers in order to comply with legal requirements and avoid hefty fines.

Issue: Organizations that have implemented email archiving systems along with an eDiscovery option capable of searching the archive have certainly taken a step in the right direction. However, few if any have taken the time to ingest historic Exchange backups to ensure the archive is complete.

Resolution: DigiScope® delivers the features and capabilities to respond efficiently and cost effectively to the growing number of such electronic discovery requests and supports organizations to ingest historic Exchange backups into their archives.

Disaster Recovery, Migration & Consolidation

Issue: The Exchange server crashes and all you have left are the Exchange .EDB database files.

Issue: You need to migrate your existing Exchange server to a newer Exchange server of the same or alternate version of Exchange.

Resolution: DigiScope® simplifies server disaster recovery and migration processes by providing the ability to migrate Mailbox and Public Folder data directly from an Offline Exchange database into Office 365/Exchange Online or restore to the same or alternate On-Premises Exchange Server and even allows for cross Exchange version migration, i.e. 5.5 --> 2000 --> 2003 --> 2007 --> 2010 --> 2013 --> 2016 --> Office 365/Exchange Online.

Damaged Database

Issue: The Exchange .EDB database file is inconsistent, dirty or corrupt.

Resolution-1 : If an offline Exchange database is damaged OR is in a dirty state requiring log rollup and all logs are not available you would normally be forced to execute a full database repair action which can be a lengthy process. As an alternative to a full database repair you can utilize the Forensic Mount option which will attempt to bypass the need for log rollup or repair.

Resolution-2 : If the Forensic Mount process fails you can execute a full Exchange Database Repair.


DigiScope® is a powerful, flexible, cost efficient and easy to use eDiscovery and Recovery solution that enables legal, compliance, human resource and IT administration professionals to accomplish email related discovery, recovery and migration tasks.

Using DigiScope®, legal, compliance, human resource and IT administrative professionals can achieve the desired goals with three easy steps:

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