Adding Office 365 | Exchange Online

  1. Launch the Active Source Wizard.

  2. On the first page, select the Office 365 | Exchange Online option, then click the Next > button to continue.


  3. Enter the full username and password of an Office 365 Global Admin account that DigiScope can use to access your Office 365 mailboxes.


  4. (Optional)  Check the Grant Full Permissions to ALL mailboxes option to ensure the Global Admin account will have permission to access every mailbox in the organization.  If you would prefer to use DigiScope to access only certain mailboxes, leave this option unchecked and instead follow the instructions on manually granting permission to access an Office 365 Mailbox.

  5. Click the Authenticate and Grant Permissions button and wait while DigiScope attempts to log on with the given account details.

    1. If the logon attempt fails, an error will be displayed next to the logon information.


    2. If the logon is successful, the dialog will show a "Success" response.


  6. Once you have successfully authenticated, click Next >.

  7. On the final screen of the wizard, you should see a listing for your Office 365 organization.  Click Finish to complete adding this to the Production tree.



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