Adding and Removing a Production Source

The following section describes how to add files to the Production Tree so that data can be searched and exported.

NOTE: Connecting to a Production Exchange server with DigiScope® requires an authenticated DSAdmin{ExchangeVersion} user account with the appropriate rights, as outlined in Rights Required for Online Database & Mailbox Access.

To add groups to the Production Tree
  1. Click File > Production > Add Production Source... or click the Add icon on the DigiScope® console toolbar located in the Production pane.

  2. Next, the Active Source Wizard dialog is displayed.  Select the option the corresponds to the type of production source you would like to add and click the Next > button to continue.

    The wizard will run differently, depending upon which option you choose:

  3. After configuring the Production sources, the Production Panel will appear similar to the following:

To remove groups from the Production Tree
  1. Select the desired source you want to remove. Selecting the Production node selects the entire tree.

  2. Click File > Production > Remove.

  3. The selected Production source should now be removed from the Production Tree.

After successfully adding a Production Source, continue to Connecting to or Disconnecting from Mailboxes or Production Sources