Adding and Removing an Offline Source

The following section describes how to add files to the offline tree so that data can be mounted and retrieved.

NOTE:  Accessing offline sources on a USB drive has been known to cause issues, so we strongly advise against adding sources stored on USB drives to DigiScope┬«.

To add a source to the Offline Tree
  1. In the main menu, select File > Offline > Add Offline Source....

    (If you had select an existing Offline Server or Group first, this option may instead be Add to Server... or Add to Group... .)

    The File Wizard will be displayed.

  2. In the File Wizard, select the option that corresponds to the type of offline source you would like to add and click the Next > button to continue.

    For the remaining steps, please see the type-specific instructions linked below:

After configuring the Offline sources, the Offline Panel should appear similar to this:


To remove a source from the Offline Tree
  1. In the Offline tree, either...

  2. Click File > Offline > Remove.

The selected offline source(s) should now be removed from the Offline tree.

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