Manually Granting Permission to Access an Office 365 Mailbox

When connecting to Office 365 | Exchange Online, DigiScope may be told to grant the account it is using full access to all mailboxes in the organization.  If you would prefer to grant it access to only certain mailboxes, follow the steps below.

To grant permissions manually for accessing individual Office 365 mailboxes:
  1. In your web browser, go to and log in with the Global Admin account that you will be using in DigiScope.

  2. Go to the Admin section.


  3. In the Office 365 menu, select USERS > Active Users.


  4. Select the user whose mailbox you want to make visible to DigiScope.


  5. On the right, where it shows a summary of the account, click on the Edit link for Mailbox permissions.


    The Mailbox permissions screen for the selected account will be displayed.

  6. Under Read and manage email to this mailbox, type the name of the administrative account you will be using in DigiScope, and then click on the button for that account when the name is resolved.


    The administrative account should now be listed as an account with "Read and manage" rights to this mailbox.


  7. Click Save.


Repeat these steps for each mailbox account that you wish DigiScope to be able to access.

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