Updating MAPI Files  (Missing Outlook DLLs)

To access the contents of PST files, offline Exchange database (EDB) files, On-Premises Exchange servers or Office365.  DigiScope requires native Microsoft Messaging Application Program Interface (MAPI) DLLs, that come with Microsoft Outlook. To resolve this issue please take one of the following actions:

1. Run the Rapid Setup Wizard (RSW): The RSW should have been run right after installation and is the easiest way to overcome MAPI issues. To use RSW simply:


2. OR you can Manually update the DLL files: The Missing Outlook DLLs page of the File Wizard or the stand-alone MAPI Updater dialog will help you locate and retrieve these DLLs from your environment.

The Missing Outlook DLLs Page

This page of the File Wizard will be displayed if:



The MAPI Updater Dialog

This can be manually invoked at any time to add MAPI support files to an installation of DigiScope.

To do so, click Tools > Update MAPI Files.


To Update MAPI Files

Whether running the File Wizard or the MAPI Updater dialog, the steps to update the MAPI files are the same.

  1. (Optional) If you know you need a specific version of MAPI, you may select the corresponding version of Outlook from the Update MAPI Version drop-down control.  Otherwise, we recommend leaving this at the default, "Auto Detect from IP/Machine".

    NOTE: If you select a specific MAPI version, the dialog will display a list of the files it expects to find and give feedback of whether each file has been successfully retrieved.

  2. Check the I give permission to... box.

  3. Enter the name or IP address of a machine that has a 32-bit version of Outlook installed.

  4. Click the Retrieve menu button and then select ...

  5. Once all files are reported as having been successfully retrieved, either...

    IMPORTANT: DigiScope will need to restart to load the new MAPI files.

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