Mounting All Mailboxes within an Offline Source

  1. Once you have added all desired sources to the Offline Tree, select the ones you want to mount.

  2. Depending on what has been enabled in DigiScope's Database Options, you will presented with either of two menu configurations:

    1. If Enable Forensic Mount is checked, click File, Offline, Mount, and then either Normal or Forensic.

    2. If Enable Forensic Mount is not checked, just click File, Offline, and Mount.

    NOTE: These same mount options are presented in the context menus when you right-click on any database, group, or the "Offline" node.


The following dialog will be shown, allowing you to follow the progress while DigiScope mounts the offline source(s).

Once the mount process finishes, you will be able to Search, Recover, or Export your data from the offline source.

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