What does DigiScope® do?

DigiScope® provides eDiscovery and recovery of mailboxes, folders, messages, attachments, even schedules, notes, tasks, and other items directly to and from online or offline Exchange databases. The desired items can then be recovered to a production Exchange server or extracted to PST, XML, or MSG file for legal hold or review.

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What are the main benefits of DigiScope®?

DigiScope® provides the ability to quickly and efficiently open Exchange database backups, e.g. the raw database files such as .EDB, STM, and .LOG files, on a machine with Microsoft XP or better operating system. DigiScope® operators can then rapidly search, recover or extract granular mailboxes, folders, messages, contacts, appointments, and other email related items.

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What versions of Microsoft Exchange Server are supported by DigiScope®?

DigiScope® supports the following versions of Exchange:

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Do I have to license all databases on a server?

No, you may choose to license as many databases as desired; however, it is most advantageous to license all databases because substantial pricing breaks are built into the pricing model.

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May I transfer a license between databases or servers?

No, after a license is applied to a database it may not be transferred, migrated, or used on any other information database.

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If we upgrade to a newer version of Exchange, can we transfer previously licensed databases?

DigiScope® Perpetual database licenses are tied to the actual storage EDB files and all of their backup copies.  Under normal circumstances, once a license is applied to a database, it is considered used and may not be transferred, migrated or used on any other information database.

That being said, customers often already have enough hurdles to overcome when upgrading their Exchange infrastructure.  We don't want DigiScope® licensing issues to add another stumbling block to the already painful, costly and time-consuming upgrade process.  Therefore, we will make a one-time exception, allowing customers to transfer existing DigiScope® Perpetual licenses to their new Exchange replacement databases.

NOTE: This policy ONLY applies to customers that have purchased DigiScope® PERPETUAL licenses and have unexpired maintenance agreements.  DigiScope® Project-Based Licenses are not transferable under any circumstances.

It is important to understand that only the new storage EDBs replacing the old ones are eligible for the free database license transfer and the following conditions must be met:

License Transfer Example:

  1. You purchased a DigiScope® Perpetual 4-database-count license pack and used 3 of the licenses on 3 different Exchange 2000 or 2003 EDBs.

    You still have one database license available for future use on any Exchange server owned by your organization.  Even though the license is available for application to a future database, the maintenance period began at the original purchase date.

  2. You set up a new Exchange 2010 server and transfer the mailboxes to 3 new Exchange 2010 database EDBs.

  3. Once the mailbox move is complete and the old Exchange server is decommissioned, take the following actions:

    1. Request the License Transfer Agreement by contacting Lucid8 Customer Service.

    2. Complete and have the License Transfer Agreement signed by a corporate executive.

    3. Fax the agreement to 425.242.6303.

    4. Notify Lucid8 Customer Service that the agreement has been faxed.

    5. Request the 3 new Exchange 2010 licenses via the DigiScope® license request process.

    6. If all criteria have been met as outlined above, then Customer Service will direct the licensing department to issue 3 new licenses.

NOTE:  The previously unused license doesn't need to be utilized during the license transfer process.  You may keep all previously unused licenses for future use on any Exchange server owned by your organization.  However, remember that even though the license is available for use with a future database, the maintenance period begins at the license's purchase date.

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How can I get an updated version of DigiScope®?

After completing the registration, a customized email with information about how to access the "Resource Library" and "Customer Web Portal" will be sent to the email address entered during registration.  These locations will provide access to downloads, technical support, product updates, and other useful materials.

NOTE: Every time a new update or upgrade is released, all registered customers and prospects will receive an email notification.

Within each update or upgrade notification email, you will also find a customized download link.  Click the link and download the update.

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For answers to questions not included in the previous list, check the online FAQ section.

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