Error Messages

This section documents errors that may occur while operating DigiScope® and how to resolve this issue.



Problem: Within versions PRIOR to 3.0 this error appears when attempting to mount more than 6 databases that are located in the same Windows folder.


  1. If you are using a Pre 3.0 version of DigiScope®, ensure that you have no more than 6 databases located within a single directory. Copy the excess databases into other folders or subfolders.

  2. This issue was resolved in version 3.0.  Upgrade to version 3.0 or later, and this will not be an issue.


Domain Browse Warning

Problem: If the machine DigiScope® is installed on doesn't have Network Discovery and File Sharing enabled or has the Computer Browser service turned off, the following dialog appears notifying you that DigiScope® is unable to provide Domain Scanning services.

Solution: Enable Network Discovery and File Sharing and make sure the Computer Browser service is started.

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