Who is the GOSupervisor™?

The GOSupervisor™ is the MASTER Operator, existing both as a Windows user and as a registered GOexchange Operator.

The GOSupervisor™ Windows® User

During installation, GOexchange® determines if a GOSupervisor account already exists in the Windows domain.  If the account exists, then no action is taken.  If the account does not exist, then a new one is automatically created with the following attributes:

By default, the GOSupervisor™ account is used to run the GOexchange Server Agents.

The GOSupervisor Operator Account

The GOSupervisor™ is granted all GOexchange Operator Rights, and these rights cannot be adjusted or removed.  Further, the GOSupervisor account cannot be removed from GOexchange's list of recognized Operators.

These steps ensure that GOexchange always has at least one Operator with full access to all features.

Even if all other Operator accounts are removed or are stripped of Supervisor Rights, it will be possible to use the GOSupervisor account to get back into the GOexchange Server Configuration and adjust the Operators settings.  (For more detail, see: How do I run the GOexchange Client as a different user?)

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