SMTP Relays

GOexchange┬« can send out e-mail notifications through the Exchange server.  However, any message that is specified to be sent via SMTP or SMTP Pager must go through a configured SMTP server.

The Exchange server, of course, has an SMTP service.  In general, though, you will want to configure one or more SMTP relay servers that are not part of the Exchange server that you are maintaining so that GOexchange Operators can receive status messages when the local Exchange server is unavailable.

The configured SMTP relay servers can be within your organization (e.g. another Exchange server), or could be external servers with which you have accounts (e.g., Yahoo Mail, or Gmail).  Whichever option you use, you will need to verify that the SMTP server supports relaying for messages from the notification's sender address and from the Exchange server's IP address.  The configuration process will help ensure this.

More Detail: Setting up an SMTP server

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