GOexchange® Server Configuration during Installation

It is critical that you take the time to configure the GOexchange Server during the installation process.  If any user account other than the built-in GOSupervisor account is going to be used to administer GOexchange, it will need to registered with GOexchange as an Operator as detailed below.

Additionally, if GOexchange is being installed on an Exchange cluster or on Exchange 5.5, GOexchange will not be able to function properly until the wizards below are completed.

To configure GOexchange during installation:

  1. Click Next, and the Assign a GOexchange® Supervisor setup page appears.

    By default the GOSupervisor™ account has been created and assigned all GOexchange rights.  You will still need to provide it with Exchange and SMTP e-mail addresses before continuing.

  1. Before attempting to add GOexchange® Operators to this server, please ensure that all desired user accounts are members of one or more of the following Windows security groups:

      • Enterprise Admins

      • Domain Admins

      • Local Administrators

NOTE:  If at this point you do not take the time to add and configure your own account as a GOexchange Operator, granting yourself "Supervisor Rights", you will not be able to change the server configuration later.  Though the GOexchange Client will open, it will deny you the chance to change the server configuration and might not even let you connect to the server at all.

To get back to the server configuration at that point, you will need to run the Client as the GOSupervisor account.

Please see the Operators section of this help file for additional information on adding and configuring GOexchange® Operators.

  1. Once the Operator Setup page is configured, click Next.

    You may then complete configuration for the items below, or skip them by clicking Next until the Status page appears:

  1. Click Finish.  The Configuration process is now complete and the Installation process will run through a quick cleanup phase.

  2. If the Exchange Server is part of a Microsoft Cluster, the Exchange Virtual Server (EVS) Selection dialog will appear.

  3. Select the appropriate EVS and click OK.  For additional information about EVS Selection, please see the Clustering Support section of this help file.

  4. If this is an Exchange 5.5 server, the Microsoft Exchange 5.5 Admin Rights dialog will appear as show below.

    Click on Next and step-by-step instructions will appear.  For more information, please see Granting GOSupervisor Exchange 5.5 Administrative Rights.

  5. Once completed, the successful install dialog will appear.

  6. Click Finish.  The installation process is complete.

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