\n How do I run a job immediately?

How Do I Run a Job Immediately?

You can manually start any maintenance job that you have already created.

To run a job manually:
  1. In the Server List, highlight a GOexchange server that is not currently running a job.

  2. Either...

    1. Bring up the Server menu for the selected server.

    2. Select Run Job and choose the job you wish to run on the submenu.

... or ...

    1. Select the Specifications tab in the Details Pane.

    2. Find and highlight the desired job specification.

    3. Click Run on the toolbar or in the specification's context menu.

  1. If your selected job does not use one of the online job scripts, you will receive this Warning dialog.  Click Yes to commence the job.

  2. Once the job has been submitted, the Job Monitor dialog will automatically open to show you the status of the running job.

    You may close this dialog at any time, and the job will continue executing in the background.

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