\n Error Correction

Error Correction

NOTE: This section only applies if you are using the Preventative Maintenance or Store Error Correction scripts.

During maintenance, GOexchange┬« will attempt to ensure the integrity of the Exchange Stores by finding and correcting all errors and warnings in the selected stores' database files.  This is done by running multiple "Error Correction Passes".

On the Action page of the job specification dialog, you can specify the number of passes for two phases of error correction: Primary Error Correction and Defragmented Error Correction.

For either error correction phase, the configured number of passes represents the maximum number of passes that will be performed.  GOexchange will keep attempting error correction until it hits the stated number of passes, or until a pass finished with no more errors in the database.  If the Treat Warnings as Errors option is selected, a pass that only found warnings in the database could also trigger another pass to be run if the pass count hasn't yet been reached.

NOTE: If Warnings still exist within a database after a maintenance process, this is not great cause for concern since these issues will be worked out over time.


Example: Take a hypothetical job configured to run 4 passes of Primary Error Correction against a store.  If the first pass found errors, GOexchange would run a second pass.  If the second pass ended only with warnings, then GOexchange would only run another pass if Treat Warnings as Errors was enabled.  If that third pass was either skipped or found no problems (no errors or warnings), then GOexchange would finish the Primary Error Correction phase without running the configured fourth pass.

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