\n Job Specification - Backup

Job Specification - Backup

The Backup page allows you to request that an emergency backup of your databases be made as part of running the job.

These backups will be simple copies of the database files, made at the start of maintenance when the stores are dismounted.  In the event of a catastrophe, these backups could be used by support staff to put things back in working order.

Though there should be no special need for running a backup as part of a GOexchange job, as GOexchange is very careful to only do things that are safe, unusual circumstances — like, for example, a power outage at just the wrong moment — can introduce risks to any operation that modifies the databases.  Therefore, we recommend that you have current backups of your databases before maintenance begins.

This system is offered as an alternative to running a backup script in the Pre-Maintenance Custom Process.

NOTE: This backup system is only available for jobs that perform offline maintenance of the databases.  If the Script on the Action page is set to a "Diagnostic" or "Online" script, this page will not be displayed.


To configure an emergency backup of your stores:
  1. Check the Use Simple Copy System option.  The Store list becomes available and lists all of the stores selected on the Action page.

  2. Check the stores you would like to have copied.

  3. For each store, the current Copy Area will appear as a hyperlink.  Click the hyperlink, and a Select Path dialog appears.

  4. Select a drive and directory where you want the copy to be made, and click OK.

NOTE: This is the parent directory that GOexchange will use.  Under whatever directory you select, GOexchange will create separate subdirectories for different servers and stores.  So you do not need to specify unique directories for different stores.

NOTE: Though you may select a remote directory for the Copy Area, for performance reasons, we strongly recommend that the Copy Area be a local path.

  1. In the Preservation column, click on the checkbox to toggle it to the desired option:

NOTE: If using the Keep Copy option, be aware that making multiple full copies of the database can consume a lot of disk space.  It is incumbent on you to monitor the disk space situation between job runs and to archive or delete old copies as needed.

  1. In the Verification column, click on the checkbox to toggle it to the desired option:

  1. Review your final selections before continuing.

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