\n How do I validate a job?

How Do I Validate a Job?

To validate a job before that job actually runs, you can run a Resource Check of the job.

Resource Checks

A Resource Check is a quick analysis of a job and the server resources that the job depends on.  It produces a report that can be used to confirm that all prerequisites of the job are met before it runs.  This includes checks of GOexchange's licensing, the status of needed Exchange services, the mounted/dismounted states of the Exchange databases, and the space available in temporary work directories.  The Resource Check is a purely online task and does not interfere with any of the services or objects that it analyzes; hence, it can be run at any time.

There are two ways to run a Resource Check:


To manually run a Resource Check:
  1. In the Details Pane, select the Specifications tab.

  2. Select the job that you are interested in.

  3. On the toolbar or in the job's context menu, click Check Resources.

A small status window opens, showing you the progress of the Resource Check.  When it is done, the Resource Check report will be available in the History list.


To schedule a Resource Check:
  1. In the Details Pane, select the Specifications tab.

  2. Find and highlight the desired job specification on the list.

  3. Click Edit... on the toolbar or in the job's context menu.

  4. On the Notifications tab, create or select a Template of type Scheduled Resource Check.

NOTE: If the template has its Attachment option set to "Report", the Resource Check report will be included in the e-mail.  Otherwise, operators will have to find the report in the History list after it is generated.

  1. In the Recipients tree, select the individuals or groups that should be notified about this Resource Check.

  2. To the Delivery list, add the time that you want the Resource Check and notification to be generated.

  3. Click OK to save changes to the job.

  4. Schedule the job.

When each Delivery time in the Scheduled Resource Check notification is hit, a Resource Check will be generated.

NOTE: Like any scheduled notification, if the Delivery time is missed because the schedule was set too soon, the operation will be skipped.  For example, if you set a Delivery time of "1 Hour before job", and then scheduled the job to run 30 minutes from now, the Delivery time would be missed, the scheduled notification would not be processed, and the associated Resource Check would not be generated.

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