Job Specification - Notifications

The Notifications page allows you to configure e-mail notifications that will be automatically sent as part of running this job or running a schedule that uses this job.

The page has two major parts: the Template List and the Delivery Options.

The Template List allows you select the Notification Templates that you wish to associate with the job.  It also allows you to create a new template or access the Notification Templates window, where more extensive options are available to manage the templates on the server.

The Delivery Options section allows you to control how the highlighted template in the Template List should be used by the job.  Here you specify who should receive the e-mail and, for Scheduled Notifications, when it should be sent.


To assign a notification to a job:
  1. In the Template List, either:

  1. Leave the template highlighted in the Template List, and turn your attention to the Delivery Options box.

  2. In the Recipients tree, check the individuals or groups that should receive this e-mail.  There are three types of targets that may appear here:

NOTE: Not all types of Notification support all types of recipient targets.  For more details, see Event Definitions.

  1. Optional: Use the "Filter" above the Recipients tree to limit what is displayed in the tree.  There are three possible filter settings:

Click the "Filter" button () to toggle filtering off.

  1. If the selected template is for a Scheduled Notification, set the Delivery schedule.  Here you say at what time before a job's scheduled execution should the notification be sent.  You may specify multiple delivery times.

NOTE: The Delivery list will only be displayed if the notification's event type is one of the "Scheduled" events.

NOTE: Scheduled notifications and delivery times will only apply if the job is scheduled.  When a job is run manually, these notifications will not be sent.

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