How Do I License a Server?

When GOexchange┬« is first installed, it is unlicensed and in DEMO mode.  To license a server, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Select the desired GOexchange server in the Server List.

  2. Bring up the Server menu for selected server.

  3. Select Licensing and the following Licensing Options will appear.  Proceed through each of the licensing steps listed below.

    1. Purchase License

    2. License Request Form

    3. Install License

  4. Finally, you will want to verify license installation.


NOTE: Each Microsoft Exchange server that will be maintained by GOexchange┬« must be individually licensed.  That is, you cannot maintain the databases of Server B with a GOexchange installation on Server A.  Both servers must be licensed separately and can only take action on the databases that are installed on that server.

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