Licensing Clusters

If you have not already done so we highly recommend that you review the Supported Clustering section of this help file.

Licensing an Active/Passive Cluster

In the Active/Passive (AP) Cluster, two Cluster Nodes manage a single Exchange Virtual Server (EVS). When you license an AP Cluster, be aware of the following:

NOTE: Most organizations running AP clusters only license the Active Node. If you desire the ability to run maintenance from the Active and the Passive node you must purchase a license for each node.

Licensing an Active/Active Cluster

In a basic Active/Active (AA) Cluster, two Cluster Nodes manage two EVSs.  When you license an AA Cluster, be aware of the following:

NOTE: If you want GOexchange® to maintain all the "Cluster Nodes" in an Active/Active Cluster you must license each "Cluster Node" and configure/manage them separately

NOTE: GOexchange® can only Maintain One EVS.  If multiple EVSs are attached to a Cluster Node, GOexchange® will only maintain the EVS that was designated during installation and licensing and will ignore all other EVSs.