Install a License

After you have purchased a license and requested a license, the GOexchange┬« Licensing department will generate and send the license to the e-mail address provided during the license request process.  Once the license is received, follow the steps below to install the new license.

NOTE: If you have completed the purchase and license request process and have not received the GOexchange® License within 24 hours, please contact

To install a license:
  1. Copy the (*.L8L) license file received in e-mail to your desktop or other location accessible from the GOexchange┬« Client Console.

NOTE: If you are utilizing Veritas Clustering Services (VCS), click here for special instructions.

  1. Add the license file to the server in the GOexchange Client Console.  To do this, either:

    1. Click and drag the *.L8L file from Windows Explorer onto the listing for your server in the Server List, or...

    2. From the Server -> Licensing menu, select Install License... and browse to the *.L8L file in the "Install License" dialog.

  2. When the GOexchange End-User License Agreement dialog appears,

    1. Read to the bottom of the EULA,

    2. Select I accept the terms in the license agreement,

    3. Click OK.

NOTE: You must read to the bottom of the agreement before the "I accept" option will be made available.

If the license fails to install, you will see a message box displaying the reason for the failure.  If you are still having trouble, please see Troubleshooting.

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