Verify License Installation

GOexchange reports its current license state in several places, including the Server List, the About Server dialog, and in Job Reports.

Viewing License State in the Server List

  1. In the GOexchange Client's Server List, locate the server in question.

  2. Look at the License column for a summary of the license state.

  3. Mouse over the License column for a longer description of the license and its limits.

NOTE: If you have just installed or revoked a license, the display of the license state in the Server List may not be current.  Click View -> Refresh or hit F5 to ensure the view is accurate.


Viewing License State in the About Server Dialog

  1. Select the desired GOexchange server in the Server List.

  2. Bring up the Server menu for the selected server and select About Server....

A detailed description of the license will appear at the bottom of the first page.


Viewing License State in Job Reports

Every GOexchange Job Report will include a brief description of the license state at the time of the job's execution.  This should be under the "System Check" portion of the "Maintenance Detail" section.

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