Types of Licenses

GOexchange® is licensed on a per-server basis.  Each GOexchange® License is governed by two main licensing variables: Run Limit and Mailbox Count.  The combination of the two variables determines the operational limits of the license.

Run Limit

There are two types of GOexchange® Run Limit licenses:

Mailbox Count

Each license is associated with a Mailbox Count.  The Mailbox Count is the maximum number of mailboxes that the license will support.

For example: An "Unlimited Run License" with a 100 Mailbox Count limit is purchased.

With this license, the GOexchange® Maintenance agent may be run as many times as desired as long as the mailbox count on the licensed server does not exceed 100 mailboxes.  

NOTE: If the mailboxes count is exceeded, all further maintenance jobs be suspended until the number of mailboxes is reduced or the server license is upgraded.

Please contact your GOexchange sales rep at 425.451.2595 or e-mail Sales@Lucid8.com 

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