Revoke or Transfer a License

Transferring a License

If you are upgrading your server hardware or migrating your server from an older version of Exchange to a newer version of Exchange and want to transfer the existing license to a new server, this is possible using the Revoke License function as long as you meet the following criteria:

NOTE: If you purchased an unlimited maintenance run license and plan to upgrade/migrate your Exchange server in the near future, please notify Lucid8's customer service in writing at and include the estimated migration date.

NOTE: Single Shot licenses are non-transferable.

NOTE: A license may not be installed on a test server or domain and then transferred to a production system.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact Customer Service immediately at +1.425.456.8462


To Revoke a License:

IMPORTANT: This is a non-reversible process. Contact GOexchange® Tech Support prior to revoking a license.

  1. From the Server -> Licensing menu, select Revoke License... and the License Revoke Wizard will appear.

  2. Click Next; the User Information page will appear.

  3. Fill in all required fields, click Next, and the Server Information page will appear.

  4. Confirm that this is the server you want to revoke the license for, click Next, and the Verification Process page will appear.

  5. Enter the array of letters and numbers in the provided field.  Click Next, and a pair of Warning messages will appear.

  6. Read the message boxes carefully and answer Yes or No, as appropriate.

  7. Click Next one more time on the Verification Process page, and the Transmit Options page will appear.

    By default the revocation file will be e-mailed directly to Lucid8.  However, you may want to consider saving the revocation file in XML format in case the server is unable to make a direct connection to Lucid8.  You could then manually e-mail this revocation file to to complete the revocation process.

  8. Select your transmission option(s) and click Next.  The Completion page appears.

  9. Click Finish and the license will be revoked.

  10. If transferring a license, you will then need to request a license for the new server.  When all of the above steps are completed, a new GOexchange® license matching the license parameters for the old server will be issued for the new server.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of the departments listed below:

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