How Do I E-mail a Maintenance Job Report?

Future Reports

You can configure a GOexchange job to automatically e-mail its report when it finishes executing.  This is done by setting up a Maintenance Finished notification with a "Report" attachment and configuring the job to use it.

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Past Reports

To e-mail reports from past job runs, it is recommended that you save the report to disk, then attach the report file to a new e-mail in your preferred e-mail client.

  1. Select the desired GOexchange server in the Server List.

  2. Select the History tab.

  3. Find and highlight the desired job report on the list.

  4. Click Save As... on the toolbar or in the report's context menu.

  5. Pick a location to save a copy of the report.

NOTE: The Save as type combo box allows you to save the report in the HTML or MHTML formats.

MHTML will be the complete report, with all of its associated graphics, but it may not be readable by clients other than Internet Explorer.

HTML will be the plain report, without any of its graphics; this should be readable by any web browser.

  1. Open your e-mail client, compose your message, and attach the saved report file.

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