How Do I Schedule a Job?

Once you have created a job, you can schedule it to run periodically.

To schedule a job:

  1. Select the desired GOexchange server in the Server List.

  2. Bring up the Server menu for the selected server.

  3. Select New Maintenance -> Schedule Item....  The New-Schedule dialog appears.

  4. Give a description in the Name field.  We recommend a description that defines the scope of the schedule item; for example: "Monthly Sales Maintenance".

  5. In the Jobs drop-down, select the job to which you want to apply this schedule.

  6. Adjust the Next Server Due Date using the date and time controls.

  7. Adjust the Frequency with which you want the job to run.  You can schedule a job to run once, or set a schedule that recurs on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis.

  8. Optional: Set a Runtime Limit and adjust the Automatic Rescheduling Rules.

  9. Click Save.

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