What is an Operator Lock?

In a multi-Operator environment, you may see a message similar to the following:

This message means that another GOexchange Operator is currently making modifications to the GOexchange Server, and, as a consequence, a lock has been placed on the Server that will temporarily limit your own access to it.


The GOexchange Server will create locks to prevent multiple GOexchange Operators from modifying it simultaneously.

Operators automatically acquire locks on Servers by:

Once acquired, the lock lasts just as long as the Operator is performing the function in question.  During that time, other Operators will be prevented from performing any of the actions listed above.  As soon as the locking Operator completes the task, the lock is automatically freed.


If the locking Operator takes more than 5 minutes to complete the action, the lock will "go stale".  A second Operator would then be presented with a message like this:

Clicking Yes would release the original lock, allowing the second Operator to perform whatever actions were desired.

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