DigiScope's Exchange mailbox recovery tool supports recovery/import of:
  • Entire Exchange database (EDB) contents
  • One or more specified Mailboxes, Folders, e-Mails/Messages, Attachments, Tasks, Notes, Contacts, Calendar and other messaging items

With this EDB recovery tool, data can be restored/imported to:
  • Original or alternate On-Premises Exchange Server ( i.e Offline 2003 EDB → 2016/2019 etc)
  • Office 365 environment making data recovery a snap!

DigiScope Exchange EDB Recovery/Import Capabilities

  • Drag & Drop — Utilize the Exmerge alternative Exchange import tool’s drag-and-drop interface to restore/recover/import specific mailboxes, folders, emails, contacts, meetings, appointments, tasks and other messaging items from:
    • Recover/Import Offline Unmounted Mailbox and Public Exchange Databases (EDB) contents to On-Premises Exchange servers or Office 365 | Exchange Online
    • Unmounted Exchange Mailbox and Public Databases (EDB) to a PST File
    • Recover/Import PST File contents to an On-Premises Exchange Server or Office 365 | Exchange Online
    • PST file contents to a PST file

  • SingleTouch™ Restore — This Exchange EDB Recovery Software enables Administrators to quickly restore/import selected Public Folders, Items, Folders, or entire Mailboxes to their original Exchange Server, Mailbox/Folder location

  • Global Restore Options — The Exchange EDB recovery tool has flexible restoration options to meet every possible data recovery/import situation:
    • Allow Duplicates (Great for Dial Tone / Empty EDB Recovery)
    • Restore Missing, include copies (Forensics)
    • Restore Missing, excluding copies (If Exists Skip - No Duplicates)
    • Include/Exclude, or ONLY Restore Hard and Soft Deleted Dumpster Items
    • Repair Image, include copies
    • Include/Exclude Permissions

  • Undelete — Restore Hard and Soft Deleted Items from:
    • Offline Unmounted Exchange Databases (EDB)
    • On-Premises Exchange Server or Office 365 | Exchange Online

  • Restore Wizard — This restore exchange server tool enables the DigiScope Exchange EDB recovery operator to restore/import the entire or filtered database contents to the original or alternate Exchange server location, including alternate versions i.e. Exchange 2003 → Exchange 2016/2019 etc) for recovery/import of:
    • All or selected/filtered Mailboxes from offline EDB into On-Premises Exchange Server or Office 365
    • All or selected/filtered messaging types i.e. Messages, Contacts, Appointments, Notes, Tasks etc from offline EDB into On-Premises Exchange Server or Office 365
    • Mailboxes, items, or folders from users no longer in Active Directory (AD)
    • All or selected/filtered Public Folder data from offline EDB into On-Premises Exchange Server or Office 365
    • eDiscovery/Search results from offline EDB into On-Premises Exchange Server or Office 365

  • Exchange Dial-Tone Recovery — Rapid Disaster Exchange Recovery Tool:
    • Create a blank "Dial Tone Recovery Database" so end-users can immediately begin sending and receiving emails
    • Mount or Forensic Mount offline Mailbox or Public Folder Exchange Databases (EDBs) within DigiScope and utilize the Mailbox Restore Wizard for recovery/import of differential (missing) information – without interrupting service to users working within their mailboxes.

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