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This product is a life saver
DigiScope fulfilled everything we needed it to do and with perfect execution. Thanks for a life saver.
Carlo MacDonald
Exigo Technology Services LLC
Exchange Migration
we migrated our old exchange 2010 in house server to office 365, I used the Lucid8 DigiScope application to export all mailboxes to a pst folder, than once setup on office 365, imported the pst files to office 365. Lucid8 is the greatest app out there, it made my migration so easy without loosing 1 email, thank you so much for a great product.
Terry Gilliam
CoreTek Solutions
DigiScope is Amazing
This software saved me days in getting my email back online. It allowed me to extract .pst files from raw .edb data. The support is fantastic. They were able to help me quickly install and configure with understanding and enthusiasm. When I had follow-up questions they were quick to respond and assist. Next time I'm in the same situation, I won't even bother wasting hours on other methods. Lucid8 Rocks!
Randy Zinn
Messaging Consultant
Micro Systems Management
Excellent Product with Excellent Support!
We tried multiple products to resolve issues with our mailbox database and DigiScope was the only one which could do it. This product works great and completely resolved all our problems, we were walked through the whole process by exceptional support staff who were extremely knowledgeable about not just their own product but Exchange as well. They completely appreciated our situation and followed the process right through to the end, giving us complete confidence in what they were doing. If you have issues with your Exchange database DigiScope is the only product I would recommend.
Daniel Taylor
Senior Technical Consultant
IT Works
DigiScope saved the day!
Our customer had their on-premise Exchange 2010 database get damaged/corrupted due to an improper shutdown because of a power failure. The Customer had no backup whatsoever and the database would not mount even after creating a support ticket and working with Microsoft. I found DigiScope through a web search, and it literally “saved the day”. I was able to retrieve all the customers invaluable data... I highly recommend you use Lucid8's DigiScope.
Idilio Gonzalez
IT Consultant
Complete Network Care
Lucid8's DigiScope saved us 100’s of man hrs
I would like this opportunity to thank the Support Team, Developers and All other people involved w/ DigiScope. Lucid8's DigiScope saved us 100’ s of man hrs. in bringing back a deleted public folder. Our hats off to you on a wonderful piece of Software!
Rengy Verghese
Messaging Consultant
Advanced Micro Systems & Solutions, Inc
DigiScope Saved Me!
Our Public Folders had not replicated correctly and we inadvertently deleted the Exchange Server that contained the Master Public Folders. The PF database contained critical data from the last ten years! Aghhhh – Major Panic! Only saving grace was that we had the old PF database files available. Called Lucid8 discussed the issue and purchased the DigiScope license. When we hit a snag with our production system the Tech Support went out of their way to assist me, even beyond normal business hours. Great job – they have my business from now on. Thank you!
Joseph Truscello
Senior IT
Red Rider Informatics
What a lifesaver – your product is AWESOME!
I’ve used other products in the past – but when you look at the feature set along with the cost of your product compared to others, you can’t beat DigiScope! What a lifesaver – your product is AWESOME!
John M. Swope
Messaging Administrator
D.M. Bowman, Inc.
DigiScope is Absolutely Fantastic!
All I had was an Exchange 2007 .EDB file of a store rolled back from tape. The recovery of data for a high profile user was absolutely critical and my attempt to use competitive products failed to recover data accurately. My life would have been incredibly miserable if I was unable to recover this users data. What a relief that I had NO problems with DigiScope as it easily retrieved the user's mailbox with all folders, all messages and - vitally important - all attachments. The user interface is intuitive, the licensing model is flexible for all kinds of purposes, purchase and activation is swift, performance is excellent, and most important of all the results are outstanding. DigiScope is absolutely fantastic!
Bernhard Fabricius
Messaging Administrator
Aarhus University
DigiScope has made a believer out of me!
When we hit a wall with Microsoft and couldn’t go any further to resolve our problem, DigiScope worked perfectly. The support was awesome – they helped me from getting it installed all the way through importing my data and following up to make sure everything went smoothly. If you’re looking for an Exchange toolset that fills in the gaps in Microsoft’s management platform, look no further.
Andrew Jahnke
Sr Messaging Administrator
No need for ExMerge, No need to learn the PowerShell command line syntax, 100% data recovery with no issues!
I needed to restore data from a 45gb .EDB store and struck out with a competitor, all I got was headers and empty .pst files. Once I tried DigiScope, the problem was solved. All headers, dates, body content, contacts, emails, and calendars were restored with no problems. No need for ExMerge, no need to learn the PowerShell command line syntax, 100% data recovery with no issues. I will buy again and highly recommend DigiScope.
Todd Cornish
Systems Administrator
Lindora, LLC
The Perfect Companion for Microsoft DPM for Exchange
Lucid8’s DigiScope is the perfect companion for Microsoft DPM for Exchange as it allows us to streamline the restoration of not only full mailboxes, but all other messaging items as well. I have been using this and other Lucid8 products for several years and have found them to be a tremendous time saver and they also give us peace of mind knowing that we can expeditiously respond to email system anomalies and support challenges.
Jeff Gardin
Director, IT & Operations
Acucela Inc.
I simply could not do my job as effectively without it!
Lucid8’s DigiScope that has the capability to mount an DPM Exchange Recovery Point for restoration of entire mailboxes, or individual emails, contacts, calendars, scheduled tasks and other messaging items. I have been using this product for three years and I simply could not do my job as effectively without it. When I find good products that are easy to use and integrate well will Microsoft infrastructures I feel compelled to pass it on.
Carl Dvorak
Lead Network Engineer
HK Systems, Inc.
Thank you Lucid8 for all your hard work and a GREAT Product that does what it says it does!!
One Sunday I was migrating a customer from Windows 2003 SBS with Exchange to Windows 2008 R2 hosting an Exchange 2010 installation. The Migration went OK, but when I tried to move the SBS out of the domain, the whole Domain started throwing errors and the new exchange 2010 crashed on me. I tried for about 20 straight hours to get it back up and running with no luck. Since I had the Mail Store database files, I went looking for some software to extract the data out to PST. After looking around I found very few companies including Lucid8 that provided support for Exchange 2010. After discovering corruption in the stores Lucid8 went above and beyond the call of duty by repairing the EDB, extracting the data and sending me out an External Hard Drive with all my users PST's. I simply imported them back into the new Domain and all was restored.
Jamie North
Custom Technology Solutions
NO OTHER solution for Exchange eDiscovery and Recovery on the Market comes close to DigiScope.
The only thing I can say is that if you need to Search, Recover, or Extract an Email, Mailbox, Folder or Public Folder from an OFFLINE EDB or Production Exchange Server this is the only way to do it. There is NO OTHER solution for Exchange eDiscovery and Recovery on the market that comes close to the features and benefits DigiScope delivers.
Steven Orsi
Lead Information Technology Specialist
Office of Criminal Investigations Food and Drug Administration
77GB Corrupted Exchange Store -- 100% Recovered
Our Exchange Server suffered a serious hardware failure that corrupted a 77GB message store. Needless to say tensions were high, however with DigiScope and the help of Lucid8’s dedicated Support Team we were able to recover 100% of our data!
Jeff Williams
Information Technology Manager
California State Association of Counties
If I Could Buy Stock in the Company, I Would!
The cost savings from DigiScope – and Lucid8’s other products are immediate. “Overall, it's estimated that DigiScope saves us $10,000 a year, so the ROI is almost instantaneous with DigiScope. I’m so pleased with Lucid8 and DigiScope, if I could buy stock in the company, I would!
Raul Ramos
Director of Information Systems
The First Tee
The Best Mail Retriever for Exchange Hands Down
Recovering individual items and mailboxes used to be a painstaking process that would take me days or hours to accomplish, Now I complete these types of tasks in a fraction of the time. DigiScope is the best mail retriever for Exchange hands down and has made my life so much easier!
Doug Sanders
Systems Administrator
The Chotin Group
Immediate ROI of 250 percent!
The product in one word is Fantastic! In addition to the technology, what really impressed me was Lucid8’s assistance & responsiveness. The bottom line is that quantifiable results have been immediate, and after crunching the numbers, it’s estimated we’ve seen an immediate ROI of 250 percent with DigiScope.
Andre Onodi
Senior Technical Support Analyst
Family Insurance Solutions, Inc
Talk About Trial By Fire!
As luck would have it, we were heading into the holiday season (our busiest time) and the newspaper had a disaster strike its Exchange Server – a power glitch corrupted all the Exchange databases! Under normal circumstances the users would have been out of email for an extended period of time (costing us valuable revenue). Instead we created blank Exchange databases which allowed our 600 employees to immediately continue working (sending and receiving emails). Next we utilized DigiScope to repair and access the offline Exchange database so that we could repopulate each users mailbox on the fly with historical data by priority (Sales staff first, Executives, etc.) Talk about trial by fire! DigiScope has been a real lifesaver, our people were up and running in about 15 minutes.
Ted Rizzi
Senior System Administrator
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
Superb Product and Outstanding Support
We purchased a license and DigiScope worked perfectly. Not only was the feature set superb, the technical support was outstanding. I think I woke up a tech early this morning (we’re on Eastern Time) with a problem we had. He was very helpful and knowledgeable, and got us working very quickly. Lucid8’s DigiScope is now on our list of trusted products. Keep up the good work!
Russell Hopkinson
Messaging Solution Architect
RH Technology Solutions, Inc.
Essential for Sound Civil Litigation Management
In a litigious society being able to respond quickly and efficiently to civil litigation requests for electronic-stored information, notably e-mail, is becoming increasingly important. Software tools, such as DigiScope from Lucid8 that provide eDiscovery and granular recovery of e-mail elements are rapidly becoming essential for sound civil litigation management.
David Hill
Mesabi Group LLC.
Hands Down the Best Exchange Recovery Software and Support Team Around
The Exchange Server crashed and we had no backups, just an EDB. After hours of researching and trying other products and being sorely disappointed in the results, I highly recommend Lucid8 and their DigiScope product. Hands down the best Exchange support team & Recovery software. The support team was super-fast, incredibly helpful and efficient during the evaluation and production recovery process. The software is amazingly simple to use, yet so powerful. I was able recover all the mailboxes, folders, messages, contacts, calendars and other messaging data from the EDB directly into the rebuilt Exchange server with just a few clicks. I couldn’t be happier, this is how all software and support teams should work!
Roman Enders
Exchange Administrator
Rock solid product that works every time
Thank you once again Troy and his team at Lucid8, I have used DigiScope now 3 times on old exchange servers, 2007/2010, ran the PST export and it worked 100%. Amazing product for those who want to easily export the data to PST or directly migrate offline exchange databases into production Exchange servera.
Terry Gilliam
sr network eng.
CoreTek Solutions
Extremely useful & intuitive tool
No other tool we tried could determine or fixed the problems we experienced. DigiScope highlighted issues within the data we were working with & Lucid8 Support was excellent.
Jason Bertrand
IT Manager.
Great Product, Saved our eMail
The Exchange Server crashed and the .EDB file was the only thing we could recover. I was able to build a new server and with DigiScope quickly restored all our email directly from the EDB into the new server database
Mike Overhoff
IT Director
First National Bank of Livingston

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