Simplify & Accelerate Granular Recovery, eDiscovery, Exporting & Migration of Data

Forensically sound DigiScope Exchange eDiscovery tools make it fast & easy to achieve the desired actions against Offline (EDB’s), On-Premises Exchange servers and Office 365 | Exchange Online.
  • DigiScope software supports all versions of Exchange from 5.5 to 2019 & Office 365 | Exchange Online
  • Open, View & Export/Migrate/Recover/Search data from ANY Offline Exchange Database (EDB) or PST
  • Connect-to On-Premises Exchange Servers & Office 365 for recovery, eDiscovery, export and migration actions
  • Search, Recover, Undelete, Export, & Migrate Data
  • Simple to Install and Operate
  • Pricing Starts @ $299.00

Open ANY Unmounted EDB

 (Exchange Database) 

or PST

Open ANY unmounted Exchange Mailbox/Public Folder database (EDB) with DigiScope's Exchange database tools. Simply browse to the location of the unmounted Exchange Database (EDB) and the contents are presented in an Outlook-like interface.

  • If required DigiScope's Exchange EDB recovery tool replays outstanding transaction logs to make the database consistent before opening
  • If the EDB is corrupt or logs are not available, Forensic Mount opens the database without having to apply logs nor execute a time-consuming database (EDB) repair

DigiScope's EDB export tool allows you to export/extract data directly from:

  • Exchange 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000 & 5.5 Offline Exchange Database (EDB) Files
  • PST Files
  • On-Premises Exchange Servers and Office 365 | Exchange Online
  • EDB's within third Party Storage Files:
    • Windows Backup Files (BKF)
    • Microsoft VHD/VHDX Images
    • VMware Images

Import, Export & Restore/Migrate Data

  • EDB to PST or MSG
  • PST to PST or MSG
  • PST to On-Premises Exchange Server or Office 365 | Exchange Online
  • On-Premises Exchange Server or Office 365 | Exchange Online to PST or MSG
  • Restore/Migrate Offline Exchange Database (EDB) to any On-Premises Production Exchange Server or Office 365 | Exchange Online with DigiScope Exchange migration software

Additional Benefits

  • Ships with sample EDBs for testing
  • Eliminate Brick-Level / Mailbox Backups
  • NO changes to your Exchange environment
  • Repair corrupted Exchange Databases (EDBs) with DigiScope's Exchange EDB repair tools
  • Forensic Mount Exchange Databases that are corrupt or missing logs (EDBs) without repairing
  • Try-Before-You-Buy DigiScope’s DEMO MODE provides unlimited access to all features and capabilities against the included Sample Exchange Databases. Operators may also run search, restore and export actions against unlicensed databases
  • DigiScope Exchange database tools include Free Support while in Try-Before-You-Buy DEMO MODE, including remote desktop support if desired
  • Installs in minutes on Workstations/Servers or (if desired) directly on the Exchange Server
  • Delete or Purge items from On-Premises Production Exchange Servers or Office 365 | Exchange Online
  • Eliminate the need to use Recovery Storage Groups (RSG), Recovery Database (RDB), ExMerge & New-MailboxExportRequest / New-MailboxImportRequest with DigiScope's Exchange recovery tool
  • PST Overflow / Split — When PST reaches limit create new incrementing PST file. For example; John Doe.pst, John Doe1.pst

Connect-to On-Premises Exchange Servers or Office 365 | Exchange Online

DigiScope exchange database recovery software allows you to connect-to and take action against all or just specific Mailboxes within ANY On-Premises Exchange Server or Office 365 | Exchange Online to:
  • Restore entire Databases, Mailboxes, Folders, Individual items, or Search results via Drag & Drop or Step-by-step wizards from Offline Mailbox/Public Folder EDBs to On-Premises Exchange Servers or Office 365 | Exchange Online with DigiScope's Exchange database tools
  • Search, Recover, Undelete or Delete specific emails, contacts, appointments, tasks or other messaging items
  • Export Mailboxes, Public Folders and ALL messaging types to PST or MSG
  • Create new Folders within ANY Mailbox

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