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The Features and Functionality of GOexchange®

GOexchange preventive maintenance program software is the automated maintenance tool for Microsoft Exchange Servers providing the following features that prevent disasters, repair problems, and accelerate performance...

The GOexchange Preventive Maintenance Software Program is powerful, flexible, and offers the following features and functionality:

  • Advanced Configurations – Select from Offline Exchange Server Performance Diagnostic Report, Full Maintenance, Analysis and Repair, or MTA Check only. GOexchange preventive maintenance program software also supports such advanced features such as: automated maintenance progress notification, integrated backup, automated scheduling options, and other sophisticated features
  • Broad Scheduling Capabilities – Administrators can schedule unattended regular Exchange database maintenance jobs for any server within their organization to automatically take place on specific days, times, and intervals
  • Centralized Scalable Management – MMC based centralized management console provides administrators with the ability to configure, manage, schedule, and review preventive maintenance for all Exchange Servers in their organization. GOexchange preventive maintenance program software also scales to meet the needs of large enterprise environments with hundreds of Exchange Servers
  • Cross-Platform – Automatically detects which version of Exchange is installed, Exchange 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003 then applies the appropriate rules and maintenance processes for each configuration. Granular & Targeted Maintenance - by server, storage group or individual store
  • High Availability Integration - Automatically detects and supports Microsoft Clustered Exchange servers in Active/Passive and Active/Active configurations
  • Knowledge Protection - One of the pitfalls of employing a highly capable IT staff is the impact that employee turnover can have on your information infrastructure. When a well-trained administrator leaves your organization, their intimate knowledge of your Exchange system also goes out the door. GOexchange Exchange server performance optimization software has built-in expert knowledge that will continue to grow and serve your organization 24x7x365 to obtain complete and flawless execution each and every time for Exchange 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003
  • Pre-Maintenance Notification - Notify specific persons, all members of a particular group, or the entire organization weeks, days, or hours before a scheduled Exchange server maintenance
  • Post-Maintenance Notification - Notify individuals or the entire group of GOexchange operators that maintenance is complete and of any problems that occur and require attention
  • Resource Checking - Each maintenance job has several built-in resource checks to:
  • Ensure the required resources such as disk space, information stores and backup systems are available prior to each maintenance job. If there is a deficiency of any type, GOexchange will notify the designated operators to correct the issue or abandon the scheduled maintenance
  • Record the state of critical services prior to the start of a maintenance job so that upon completion of maintenance, all services are returned to the pre-maintenance state
  • Security - GOexchange takes full advantage of Microsoft's software security model to ensure that only authorized Exchange Administrators have access to the Exchange maintenance tool's powerful features
  • Unified Maintenance Reports - GOexchange documents every action that occurs during a maintenance configuration and job. Generates Summary and Detailed Reporting for every job
  • This includes a day, date, and time stamp feature providing a detailed audit trail
  • Administrators can review both detail and summary maintenance details for each maintenance job
  • Post maintenance summary reports can be automatically e-mailed to designated individuals or groups

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