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Relax. GOexchange® is running.

GOexchange is a simple to use Exchange server management tool that saves your IT staff time by running automatic expert preventive maintenance while they attend to more important things.

From a centralized GOexchange Management Console, your Exchange administrator commands the ability to configure, manage, schedule, and review preventive maintenance for all of the Exchange Servers within the organization.

Prevent Disasters: Minimize unplanned downtime and prevent disasters caused by unstable and inefficient databases.

Repair Problems: Expert knowledge for Exchange Server 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003 is built-in to check and correct errors.

Accelerate Performance: Databases are re-indexed and defragmented to permanently remove white space and deleted items. The end result is increased performance and stability with a compact, efficient database that's reduced in size by 30-55% and up to 90% or more when used in conjunction with an archiving solution.

This Exchange server management tool is as easy to install as it is to use. In twenty minutes you'll be up and running.


As the most popular form of collaboration, Microsoft Exchange services can affect corporate effectiveness and impact the way customers view a business. Therefore, it is imperative that an enterprise’s IT organization is able to take every step available to protect and maintain its Exchange system.

The GOexchange Exchange database tool is a superior approach to Exchange Server maintenance because it is based on the accumulated expert knowledge of professional maintenance and disaster recovery technicians. The GOexchange Exchange server management tool also understands the structural relationships within the Exchange databases and how the collaborative information they contain is organized and distributed. By consistently maintaining and optimizing the databases at this highly detailed level, smooth operation of the Exchange environment is ensured.

Calculating the Cost of Unplanned Downtime

Current data reports that 53 percent of companies have experienced business interruption or monetary loss related to e-mail downtime. To appreciate the gravity and impact that an "Unplanned Exchange Outage" can have upon your organization, estimate the downtime cost for employees, executives, suppliers, and customers who are not able to access the critical information within Exchange.

The following method provides a simple way for you to conservatively estimate the average cost per hour of downtime.

Productivity Impact: Average rate or salary multiplied by the number of users that would be impacted equals the hourly productivity impact cost. For example:
Average Rate: $ 24.00 per hour
# of Users Affected: 300
Productivity Impact Hourly Cost: $ 7,200.00 per hour

If you would like assistance with calculating a more complete “cost of downtime” estimate for your organization, please contact a GOexchange server maintenance software sales representative by e-mail at

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