Connecting to or Disconnecting from Mailboxes or Production Sources

These sections describe how to connect to a Production source to retrieve data.

Before you can Search, Restore, or Export any data, DigiScope® must Connect to the associated Production sources, i.e. Production Exchange servers and PST files that have been added to the Production Tree.

When connecting to a Production Exchange server, you can choose to connect to all of the mailboxes within the Production source or you can filter which mailboxes to connect to.

Command to enable RPC/HTTP protocol for the DSAdmin or equivalent user

When connecting to an Exchange 2013/2016 server if you have blocked the use of RPC/HTTP you must unblock RPC/HTTP for the DSAdmin{ExchangeVersion} user. For the example below  simply change the {ExchangeVersion} variable to match the version of Exchange your connecting to, i.e. DSAdmin2013 or DSAdmin2016

Set-CASMailbox -Identity “DSAdmin{ExchangeVersion}” -MAPIBlockOutlookRpcHttp $False

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