Parent/Child Domain Configuration

If your organization utilizes a Parent / Child Domain model where the Exchange Servers reside in the parent domain and all of the User Accounts and Mailboxes are in the child domain, please follow the steps as outlined below.

  1. Create the DSAdmin account within the CHILD domain by following the appropriate instructions in one of the links below:

  2. Install and launch DigiScope on a machine located within the CHILD domain.

  3. In the Production pane, right-click and choose Add Production Source... .

  4. From the wizard's opening page, choose one of the following options:

  5. Click Connect.

  6. The available databases and mailboxes will appear in the source dialog.

  7. Select the desired items and click Next.

  8. The summary page will appear displaying the databases and mailboxes that will be added to the Production pane.

  9. Click Finish.